In September of 2013, we adopted the most fantastic pup named Jupiter from Pet Rescue New York. He quickly became the star of our lives. Little did we know, however, how unfriendly New York City could be to dog guardians. As tenants in Stuyvesant Town in the East Village, we have been ticketed and harassed for having Jupiter. Frustrated by the additional fact that many of our favorite local bars will no longer allow pets to accompany patrons for fear of being fined, we decided it was time to do something about it!

NYC Bark Club aims to fight existing dog laws that prohibit dogs from accompanying their guardians into non-food serving establishments. We also renovate defunct dog parks and are scouting for vacant public space that can be converted into micro dog parks (think: community garden, but pet friendly!). Lastly, we raise funds to help provide food, water and blankets to dogs that are companions to homeless people. Overall, we strive to unite and empower all dog guardians to join us in making New York City a dog-friendly place!

Kerri & Nate - Founders